Owner of The Horseman's Blade


Eloqi is a weapons merchant, as has been her whole life, taking after he father’s trade in recent years. She wears an ornate scimitar at her waist and multiple colorful sashes, and is hesitant to allow anyone to stand behind her.

Eloqi was targeted during the raid on Desheb, but managed to defend herself and her store for a time before being overwhelmed. She overturned her potions table and set the building ablaze, handily defeating her attackers, but leaving her without further alchemist’s fire to sell, much to Musishi’s dismay.

She plans to remain in Desheb and rebuild her business, as the oasis is ‘her home’, and she sees no problem with simply acquiring a ‘newly vacated building’ within the town., seeing as many businesses and homes are now without occupants after the massacre.


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