Owner of the Ambersand


An old and ex-adventurer from the Desert of Raduun, Greiz now occupies himself with the management of his establishment The Ambersand, located in the village of Desheb.

Greiz is Silver haired with dark skin and amber eyes. He wears simple robes and has a lighthearted, charming demeanor, but avoids eye contact. A member of the local merchants’ guild, The Ivory Clan, Greiz has sought to hire the newcomers to his town to root out the source of and deal with a rat problem that they have been experiencing.


‘Any sane man is concerned about the future. But I have learned that you can’t let yourself be ruled by questions of what may be about to happen. A life lived in the shadow of unfulfilled possibility is inwardlooking and limited.’

During the Raid on Desheb, Greiz was heavily wounded while dispatching several foes. the party came across him while he was engaged in a duel with Black Marten, a man with whom he apparently has a long history. Upon the intervention of the party and his rescue, Greiz was deeply concerned that the shipment from Memphun was not located, and bade the party speak to Muini to deliver the bad news, claiming ‘I would rather not have to do it myself’


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