Hol Beloth

The Gravewalker


Hol Beloth is a demon encountered by the party in the ruins of Memphun, who cast from the realm of Athran by the efforts of Naphrem. After slaying the wizard of Memphun and summoning numberous skeleton warriors, the party was able to learn that he is one of nine demonic servants of Cyric, determined to free his Lord and bring an end to the realm.

A towering giant, suffused with deep blue mist, he appears a summoner of skeletons.

His face is grey and ashen, covered in a writhing mass of tattoos that slither beneath his skin like worms of sentient ink. In his hand, he holds a blade that looks as if it is volcanic glass, and dense with runes that render it almost transparent with heat. It strikes you very profoundly that he is a thing of wrongness, opaque and hideously solid in a fluid universe.

I am Hol Beloth of The Nine, and I shall wear your skin as a cloak before dawn ruins the sky.


Braying in torment, the demon’s form pulses and ripples, gleaming slug-black, and then all is silent; you realize with a peculiar discomfort that you can hear nothing at all, not even the sound of your own rapid breathing, nor the thunderous beat of your heart you can feel in your chest. You vision begins first to dim, before narrowing in from the edges in a disconcerting wave.

Something whispers in the darkness. It seems as though it withdraws into its shell like a glistening mollusc, except the shell is not there, in Memphun, on the scorched sands of the city streets; it is elsewhere, in another universe, recessed through the coils and loops and whorls of some interstitial architecture. As he folds in upon himself and slithers out through the nothing, you hear him spit: "The future is dead, it is but ashes running through your hands, Naphrem"

Hol Beloth

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