Operator of The Stuffshack


The Half-Orc Kayras was once a mercenary, but after the death of her employer, she was ‘stuck out in the middle of nowhere’ and gathered all she had earned to set up shop at Desheb. She hefts a massive greatclub about with her everywhere she goes, and is covered in a number of nasty scars. Her neck and arms are adorned with several strings of teeth and small bones fashioned into necklaces and other jewelry items. These items now include a string of wooden beads, courtesy of the good Sir Thomas Harbrooke, who she seems to have taken a liking to – or at least a liking to his mustache.

The Stuffshack, her ‘store’, carries mostly general goods and supplies.

Kayras valiantly led the party through the desert towards the salt flats and into the Maw of the World, past orcs (or through them), until suffering grievous wounds at the hands of the Statue of Duri. She was taken to Gemoor, largely unconscious, and left in the care of Meron, the priest of Pelor at the church there to care for her wounds.


As the party headed to the stuffshack after the raid on Desheb, it was clear that the battle did not spare that section of the town. the doorway itself, while never really ‘completed’ when they first came through, is in absolute shambles now, with several large chunks torn out of the wall around the opening. stepping inside, there were a good half dozen broken bodies strewn about the ground, and Kayras sitting calmly on the counter, wrapping her left hand in a bandage from the shelving. the party set about recruiting her for their mission to the Ilecin Delve, as her skills and orc heritage might come in handy.

“I can’t lie, I didn’t realize just how absolutely boring it is to sit around in a shop all day until I got the chance to fight again! I haven’t felt this alive in years, breaking spines like these. Oh how I would love to keep this streak going – my hand is busted though, seems swords are still sharp, who knew? I won’t be able to lift my club in one hand, and I won’t be able to fight with any skill using them both. I’ll just have to take one of these swords, as I don’t think he’ll be needing his anymore, and I know it works, just look at this gash!”

“I think that single handed weapons suit me just fine – they leave my other hand free for rude gestures”

Attempting to negotiate with the orcs they encountered in the salt flats, Kayras was a less than effective communicator, though she was a more than effective combatant in the end.


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