Lady Seema Idhan



Currently residing in the city of Gemoor on the Salt Coast, by the Glass Sea, Lady Seema Idhan is now among the last of her family in the Desert of Raduun. Accoring to Muini, she is for all intents and purposes the acting Queen Regent of the Kingdom of Raduun after most, if not all, of her family likely perished with the destruction of Memphun.

Lady Seema is a former acquaintance of Elythia of House Valorian, having attended a Valorian dinner party several years past, and is also known (by name and familial association only) to Sir Thomas Harbrooke. One of the younger of her siblings only in her early twenties, Seema was never really considered a potential heir to the throne, and was generally thought to have been unremarkable and unambitious. Elythia does recall that she has a magnificent taste in hats and headwear, and that she was a capable yet boring conversationalist.

Lady Seema Idhan was the intended recipient of a shipment to be delivered by the Ivory Clan, and both Greiz and Muini feel it is very important that she be notified that it will in fact not be arriving.

After meeting with the Lady Seema, it was revealed that she was in fact NOT waiting for the shipment, as it had arrived earlier, thanks to the merchant the group saved at the opening of their adventure. To the group’s distaste, that shipment, and many others to the ivory clan, consisted of live slaves for sale. Seema has been working actively with “The Vultures”, a renegade group, containing many freed former slaves, as well as the Late [[:deceased-black-marten | [DECEASED] Black Marten]] and the missing daughter of the hotelier Greiz.

Lady Seema expressed regret at not being able to help the party in their endeavors, as she had many political considerations at the time, and no real family or wealth left after the events at Memphun.


On the Ivory Clan shipment:
“Just how long have you been working for the Ivory Clan?” “I suppose that makes sense – and I’m glad they’re too afraid to send the information themselves. They must think I’m dangerous and powerful, which is good. So… the shipment is missing. What else do you know about it? How could it have gotten lost?”

“The good news is that the shipment isn’t missing. I have already received it a few days ago. It was brought to me by a traveling Merchant named Ishaq. He didn’t have his badge of ivory anymore, claiming he gave it to a group of travelers who saved his life from an ambush. It seems a band of ruffians tries to do him in as he was making his way toward Desheb. Those adventurers did seem to match your description quite closely, if I recall. I’m going to make the assumption that you saved him out of the goodness of your hearts and have no idea what you’ve gotten yourselves into, if that correct?”

“I suppose I should be more honest with you, in that case. What exactly do you think the ivory clan DOES around here? Why do you think there have been so many bandit attacks on their oasis, and their caravans? That shipment, as with most shipments the ivory clan furnishes, was a band of slaves. They’ve been herding various political dissidents and orphans, undesirables, and so on into pens and selling them off to other nations for years. Over the last two years I have been here, in Gemoor, acting as my family’s representative for trade and mercantile, and I offered myself for the position because I’ve decided this practice needs to end. I’ve been making the slave trade less and less profitable over the years, finding way for shipments to ‘go missing’, and harrying the caravans wherever I can. I will assume you’ve heard of Black Marten, or at least saw the evidence of his most recent efforts on Desheb, no?”

On the Death of [[:deceased-black-marten | [DECEASED] Black Marten]]:
“Hmm. I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. I’m very surprised to hear you did him in – it’s not that you couldn’t physically – I mean look at the size of that Cross… it’s just that Black Marten could practically read minds. I don’t know of anyone who ever surprised him, snuck up on him, or anything else. He was a monster to fight because he always seemed to know your next move, ”/characters/greiz" class=“wiki-content-link”>Greiz always said. How you got past that I’ll never know. I guess I will have to tell his daughter that she’s the head of the vultures now, but that can wait for the moment. I don’t think I want to be the one to tell Her Marten is dead… and I have to wait for more information from Wasef – I’m sure you met him, yes? I planted him there as a ‘gift’ to Muini. She’s so quick to parade him around in front of guests, the old fool."

On the Fate of Memphun:
“Your tale seems… interesting, I’ll give you that. I know the city is gone, that much is certain, and the falling star matches what I have heard. But I have not heard anything about risen dead or demons or angels or anything else. That being said, you’re also the only people I’ve met who claim to have gone to the city and come back. So maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss you. Either way, the city falling has caused me a lot of trouble, and if I have to worry about skeleton armies as well then I’m really going to have to figure something out – I’m juggling a lot more than I think I’m made for at the moment. I am trying to do right by my people, and I mean well, but Noble Intentions don’t amount to much without resources and support, something I’m a little short on at the moment.”

On other lands and rumors of demons:
“I’ve been much more focused on my domestic issues, you must understand. With all that has been going on in ”/wikis/the-desert-of-raduun" class=“wiki-page-link”> Raduun I haven’t had the time to meet with delegations, and I’m not exactly up to speed on international affairs. I’ve only just found out my family and my capitol city were destroyed, and if I am to take more time thinking about that… (she visibly quivers, and her eyes threaten tears. After a pause, she sighs, and says) no, I must focus on my work here. I have no more information for you about other lands. I suppose you will have to ask elsewhere to learn of them, for whatever reason you might have. The only thing I know for sure is that Estalia has asked for immediate repayment of all my family’s debts and loans – as if I have the ability to repay those on a moment’s notice, especially after our capital city was destroyed! I’m sure they are just trying to make their own numbers look good before their Count’s Eve celebrations – they have a new master of coin and I’m guessing he wants his first year’s count to be a grand success. Politics, all of it. I don’t think I’ll indulge them. What more do I have to lose?"

Lady Seema Idhan

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