Envoy of the Ivory Clan


Muini has long been a member of the Ivory Clan, a merchant’s guild in The Desert of Raduun. She is well along in years, with a heavily lined face bearing distinctive tattoos and piercings. She is otherwise clearly wealthy, with excellent quality clothing and a number of jewelry items about her person.

She is chiefly concerned with the safe passage of a caravan that is to pass through Desheb from Memphun on the way to The Salt Coast – the caravan contains a number of items that are neccessary for the health and livelihood of Desheb, as well as some personal items for a Noblewoman by the same of Lady Seema Idhan.

Muini is attended to by a remarkably young, remarkably handsome man who goes by the name Wasef. You aren’t quite sure if Wasef is a servant, a trophy husband, or some kind of nurse.


“What of Ahabef, and Ibrel? You mean to tell me that not only is this no longer the jewel on the road to Memphun, but rather a spot in the middle of nowhere, but my best horse breeder is dead? You return with nothing but sour tales, no shipment, and three of the ivory clan missing? How can I be sure you didn’t kill them yourself and take the shipment? The only reason I have not to suspect this is that you came back at all, which means you’re either very bold or very stupid if you have betrayed me.”

" Lady Seema Idhan will need to hear that her shipment is not coming, and she will need to hear it in person. I would send Greiz under normal circumstances, but I am not sure I can afford to be without him right now. Be sure to be kind, though – with the destruction of Memphun she may be among the only nobles in these lands, and for all purposes may as well be the Queen of Raduun at this moment. Now that my main source of income seems to have dried up, We here in Desheb will need to curry her favor more than ever. Do not disappoint me."

“If you must make a stop off to fight those cursed orcs, bring back some of their blood for me, will you? I do find it adds a particular relish when mixed with my wine.”


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