The Court of Heonrok

Lord Heonrok is a simple dwarf. It was rather amazing that, at one point, he was a high lord in a Urdunnir city state at the edge of dwarf control in the Underdark. He assisted the Gold Lord there first as a soldier on the battlefield. After a series of key military victories, he stumbled up through the ranks of nobility. Though masterful and vicious with a battle line, he unfortunately applied the same blunt mentality to every problem he came across. Opposition in court? Kill them. Citizens won't pay taxes? Kill them. Need a chicken for dinner? Kill it. Apply spices. Simmer for 45 minutes. Why couldn't politics be more like the kitchen?

Incident after incident left an increasingly unnecessary body count to Heonrok's record. The citizenry and nobles were united in their ire for the seemingly blood thirsty lord. In truth, it was honestly the best he could think of. Eventually, after the Gold Lord's chief advisor (and Heonrok's latest political rival) was poisoned for "being too talky," the Gold Lord stripped Heonrok of all titles and assets. The dwarf himself was banished under threat of death. Had the poisoned advisor not been recovering from the botched attempt, he would have recounted the dangers of allowing such a skilled military operator to roam free. But he was, so he didn't.

Heonrok's closest retinue remained at his side. Generals and favorites from his warring days. Now, the "court" of Heonrok is little more than the "army camp" of Heonrok, except without the army. It operates entirely as a military unit made up entirely of command staff. But they don't mind. Many of them have been stuck behind desks and draperies for too long. They long for the battlefield. And if they can't find one, they're content to make one.

But still, being a raving band of yahoos in the Underdark would do no good as a long term strategy. There's only so much sword work in the interior (that wasn't just staying alive), and the lads weren't lads anymore. Heonrok sought nobility for a reason. He knew that he had to get in good with the Gold Lord again. But he couldn't do that empty handed. He racked his brain in spurts of a few minutes every few weeks. But nothing came to him. Left with no other option, farther and farther outward he went.

When he found the steel-strengthening Ozimian Crystal in a small noodle shop at the ass end of Dwarf-dom, he and his court knew they had their shot. He would get the Gold Lord better weapons. Gold Lords love better weapons! Surely, all could be forgiven. So the Court of Lord Heonrok set to work: Mine this town for all it was worth and earn their retirement back.

The Court of Heonrok

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