The Dominion of Odisvalk

The Dominion of the Odisvalk is a highland/tundra region populated mainly by Halflings. The land has a large number of wild beasts and game good for hunting and herding. The population has particular interest in animal husbandry, hunting parties, beast riding competitions, and other animal sport.

The “City” of Kholedzund is the most commonly visited settlement by outsiders, and is generally considered the seat of ‘government’ by other entities, though foreign relations and diplomacy are by no means common to or from these lands.

There is no central government, and there are dozens of minor cities and settlements here. It is almost entirely populated with Halflings as there are no real resources here that other cultures wish to exploit as a nation, and the Halflings have taken refuge here as their own civilization, as some do not wish to live in the borders of others’ lands.

Locations within Odisvalk


The Shivering Sea

The Serpent Hills

Winding Wood

The Dominion of Odisvalk

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