[DECEASED] Black Marten

Leader of the Raid on Desheb


A mysterious warrior, infamous for leading several raids and attacks on Desheb and the surrounding lands, the man known as Black Marten has crossed blades with Greiz several times in the past. A known opponent of The Ivory Clan, Black Marten was shot dead by Rooke during the Raid on Desheb after he refused to stand down during his duel with his longtime rival Greiz.


The party would later learn that Black Marten was in the employ of Lady Seema Idhan, and was being used as a saboteur for the purpose of disrupting the slave trade that the Ivory Clan was participating in. By allowing the transfer of slaves officially, Idhan could continue to gain the political benefits she needed while using her inside information to inform Marten and the Vultures the best tactics to end the practice.

The party’s initial encounter with a cart raid outside Desheb was in fact a shipment of slaves being disrupted in just such a way.

With Black Marten deceased, Lady Seema will need to find another way to shut off the slave trade, but her current political situation does not allow it overtly.

[DECEASED] Black Marten

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