Lady Seema Idhan



Currently residing in the city of Gemoor on the Salt Coast, by the Glass Sea, Lady Seema Idhan is now among the last of her family in the Desert of Raduun. Accoring to Muini, she is for all intents and purposes the acting Queen Regent of the Kingdom of Raduun after most, if not all, of her family likely perished with the destruction of Memphun.

Lady Seema is a former acquaintance of Elythia of House Valorian, having attended a Valorian dinner party several years past, and is also known (by name and familial association only) to Sir Thomas Harbrooke. One of the younger of her siblings only in her early twenties, Seema was never really considered a potential heir to the throne, and was generally thought to have been unremarkable and unambitious. Elythia does recall that she has a magnificent taste in hats and headwear, and that she was a capable yet boring conversationalist.

Lady Seema Idhan was the intended recipient of a shipment to be delivered by the Ivory Clan, and both Greiz and Muini feel it is very important that she be notified that it will in fact not be arriving.


Lady Seema Idhan

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