Naphrem appeared in the ruins of Memphun, and battled the demon Hol Beloth. He delivered unto the party a prophecy of what is to come, the details of their current situation, and what path they can take to save their world and its dying sun.

He seems unremarkable. In fact, he seems so unremarkable that you cannot discern a single distinguishing feature about him. He is of average height, with white hair and tanned skin. In build he was neither bulky nor slight, but of normal proportion. He was dressed in a robe of white linen, free of ornamentation except for a necklace of gold on which hung a pendant of sorts. The man’s eyes were as indistinct as the rest of him, neither blue nor green nor grey nor brown, but a flecked mixture of all. Yet there is something in those eyes that reaches into you and touches upon your inner self. There is wisdom and kindness there, and antiquity that is very humbling but also disconcerting.

And at the same time as you saw this, you also witnessed the arrival of a demigod, wreathed in golden light and dressed in white finery that burned with its own light. you saw a stern face set with two golden orbs for eyes, piercing in their intensity, searing into the core of your being. The stranger seems to tower over the skeletons, borne forwards upon a carpet of undulating flames. He fixes the monster with a stare, his eyes now permanently golden like bottomless wells of light. There is a glow of power beneath his skin, as if the stranger’s flesh were embers masked behind thin paper.

Like chaff before the wind, the skeletons you have been fighting fall to their knees and shriek in soundless anguish, clawing at what they must imagine to be their throats, shuddering with anguish – palpable even through their eyeless sockets – as they crumble to dust at the newcomer’s approach.

Appearing simultaneously as a man and a winged totem of light, Naphrem shared with the party that he was an agent of the court of Pelor, and shared the answers to many mysteries; detailing that they must head to the Ilecin Delve to recover the Heart of Stone.



“Your world is ending, though few believe it. The dark brothers tire of their great game, and seek to sweep the board clean with fire and blood. For centuries, the kingdoms of men, dwarves, and elves have held firm against its threats, and have found no foe that steel could not tame, or that walls could not hold. Or so that is what you have been taught. No one spoke of the ancient enemy now rising from beneath, and no one will be left to tell the tale unless you can stem the demontide.”

“This is a war between gods, and this world is the unfortunate stage upon which it is to be held. Here is not the only place that the sky fell this day, and there are many similar scenes unfolding across your world as we speak. My brothers and sisters have gone to attend to them, but I know not of their fates”


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