Memphun is the largest city in The Desert of Raduun, and houses a great many people. A number of royal and noble houses make their home here, and it is a central hub for commerce throughout the region, despite being deep inland.

Eventually, the city of Memphun was destroyed by Hol Beloth as the stars fell upon the land. The scene the party took in was unpleasant once they arrived.

“The light was bad: not insufficient, though. The daylight had gone bad, like meat goes bad. Memphun had been violated and deformed. Most of its street plan had been erased, and its buildings and monuments demolished. The landscape was a tangle of black rubble and debris, some of it heaped into steep mountains and ridges, some of it cratered where masonry fell. There were corpses strewn about, and in some craters and the gullies, blood had pooled. There was dust everywhere. It’s fine, yellowish, a byproduct of ash and the upcast of surface impacts. It filmed the air and coated upper surfaces. It wafted like smoke where the breeze stirred it.

It sticks to blood. It has adhered to the bloodsoaked skin and armour of the fallen. It has clotted the pools of blood like sawdust. It covers dead faces like powder, so the corpses look painted and preserved, formally prepared by mortuary assistants."


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