Nightmare Seekers

The Nightmare Seekers are a group of outriders in The Dominion of Odisvalk, gathered from the myriad tribes and families in Kholedzund. Many families have their own outriders, who head north for a variety of reasons – hunting, trade with the wild tribes, or in the case of the Woodcutter tribe, to bring back birch from the Winding Wood – but in order to ensure the solidarity of the encampments and to make sure that all share an equal burden, the Peacemake decreed to formation of a communal outrider group.

The Nightmare Seekers, so named because of the large and monstrous animals in the north, deemed Nightmares by the locals, often take a member of each major tribe in the encampments, and these outriders forego their titles and holdings to become a part of the larger defense force of the Kholedzund Encampments.

Now that the situation has deteriorated so heavily, few families are willing to send their own outriders afield, and so it falls upon the Nightmare Seekers to do what must be done after the Constellation of the Bear was broken by the falling star.

Known Members:
Hralf ‘Fair Hair’ Warmhearth
Garrthar Bear Claw – Deceased
Gerda Flatnose
“White Lock” Woodcutter – Deceased
Angrim Fullkettle – Deceased

Nightmare Seekers

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